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To sketch a thought.

Pictures worth a thousand words.

Basically, this is an art blog for sailor_nova_s.

Enjoy OCs and Fanart. Lots of sketches.

Expect lots of Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice stuff. Also Tsubasa.

I'm going to do OC work as well, and start planning for a manga, and the beta will be posted here.

101 dalmations, alan kuo, angel sanctuary, anime, apollo justice, apple juice, art, avatar, avenue q, axel, beta games, bleach, card captor sakura, cheese, chi's sweet home, chobits, clamp, clouds, comedy, computer graphics, computers, cowboy bebeop, crystal kay, d. gray-man, daddy day care, dane cook, death note, digimon, doodles, doraemon, doujinshi, dragon ball z, dragonball z, drawing, drawing fanart, dreamcast, earthian, ema skye, emulators, fake, family guy, fanart, final fantasy, final fantasy v, final fantasy vii, flash, fruits basket, furuba, ghibli, godot, guitar hero, gyakuten saiban, hellsing, hikaru utada, howl's moving castle, icons, igiari, inuyasha, japan, japanese, jeans, jonathon coulton, kanji, keychains, kingdom hearts, kirby, klavier gavin, kon, lady and the tramp, loveless, lumines, mario, meteos, miles edgeworth, mp3s, my neighbor totoro, ninjas, nintendo, nintendo ds, nintendo wii, oban star racers, objection, odin sphere, oekaki, open canvas, open canvas 1.1, overworks, p-chat, paintchat, pencils, phoenix wright, phoenix wright kink meme, photoshop, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pokemon, portal, prismacolors, programming, projects, ps2, ps3, psp, puzzle games, puzzle league, puzzle quest, puzzles, rain, ramen, re:play, reboot, roms, roxas, rpgs, rping, rubik's cube, sailor moon, sailormoon, se7en, sega, sewing, shin-chan, sketchers, skies of arcadia, sonic, sonic the hedgehog, sony, sora, soundtracks, square enix, squenix, string cheese, studio ghibli, super mario, takamin, tegaki, totoro, trunks, tsubasa, tsubasa reservoir chronicles, tulip paint, u-torrent, venture brothers, video games, vitamin water, wolf's rain, x