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Nov. 4th, 2008

Obama's a moron!
Why do you want him!

McCain's a crazy man!
Why do you want him!
At least crazy people can be smart every once in a while.

Blah. I worked/ate/slept through my chance to vote. So I can't really complain. :/

Also this.Collapse )



Any suggestions?
It's from P-chat~


Omg guys, PW fans are so much fun! <3
*waves to the kids she met this weekend*
I was one of the Emas~

Also I approve of everyone's banners! :D Too bad I didn't get to see them 'til now.

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This is what happens when I'm out of a tablet for too long. And bored. And stuck in a hotel for two days, whilst its pouring rain at an outside event, and then a tornado comes. Hmm.

Icons based on my own art... 124 of them. D|Collapse )

Also expect a huuuuge dump of Daryan/Ema in the coming week or so.

P-chat, Tegaki... MS Paint?

Ah so much. I hope you don't have dial-up.Collapse )
... I'd say something, but I'm wordless right now. D|

A Small Dump

I doodled in my sketchbook a couple days ago. The one I started in mid-March, mind you, and I only have about a dozen pages with anything in it. D:
I'll have to remedy that, once I get my scanner working again.
It might be more active, once I start classes that I haven't registered for yet. :|

Tegaki and P-chat stuffCollapse )

Also, an AJ icon, just so I'm not posting under Edgeworth so much.